Our Mission

Just Believe was formed in memory of Jodi Ball for the Awareness of Melanoma and to give back to the communities and charities that touched her life.

Our Programs

Sun Safety/Skin Cancer Awareness and Prevention Presentations


Marquette County Schools are able to have our Age Appropriate Presentations without charge.  Kindergarten, 6th Grade, and 9th Grade Health Classes and Special Requests.

Sunscreen Dispenser Project


Marquette County and some surrounding counties have been awarded sunscreen dispensers.   Just Believe would like to see SUNSCREEN DISPENSERS installed throughout the Upper Peninsula.  Since 2016, Just Believe has been involved with over 88 sunscreen dispenser placements.  

Paying it Forward


Just Believe would like to financially assist families and individuals going through medical emergencies, support organizations and charities in the area, and provide a scholarship to a Gwinn and Negaunee High School Senior pursing a medical career