Raising Melanoma Awareness & Giving Back to the Community

About Us

Our Team

Jodi Ball passed away after battling Stage IV Melanoma Brain Cancer.  Her wishes are being honored.

Our Board  President:  Laurie Wills,  Vice-President:   John Hill, Secretary:  Shannon Bjork, Treasurer:  Kris Rintala, and two Trustees:  Germaine Bjork and Delight Hill.

Our Volunteers are Fantastic!  We have a Just Believe Volunteer Facebook page.  If interested in volunteering to participate in an activity or event, please contact us.

Our History


Since Just Believe was formed in 2013, our mission has been to carry out Jodi's wishes.

Our Mission


Our Mission is to contribute to the communities and charities that  touched Jodi's life.  In addition, we want to help families who are struggling financially because of medical expenses, to provide a scholarship for a Gwinn and Negaunee Senior that will be pursuing a medical career, and to educate youth about prevention and early detection of skin cancer.  These were Jodi's wishes.


Sunscreen dispenser project

Help us award sunscreen dispensers through out the U.P.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

A Sunscreen Dispenser Setup currently costs approximately $300.  Any donation will help us award sunscreen dispenser setups throughout the Upper Peninsula.  Just Believe awards the dispenser , a case of sunscreen, and a portable stand if requested.  We also provide a Recognition Postcard and Sticker for the donations.  

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